Licensed Money Lender: 4 Situations In Which You Will Need One

Money, money, money. It’s a huge part of what makes adulting so hard. Finding a well-paying job, managing your finances and remaining debt-free are things that most adults struggle with. When major life events such as marriage and starting a family happens, or when emergencies occur, most people find themselves cash strapped. Times like these, […]

This LEGAL Jurong East money lender dishes out 5 myths about study loans

This LEGAL Jurong East money lender debunks 5 myths about study loans Higher education can open doors to rewarding careers. However, even with government subsidies, scholarships and sponsorships, tertiary and college fees are still very much expensive and can cause a huge dent in your wallet, especially if it is a four-year university course you’re […]

The rise of online loans in the digital world and what to be mindful of

Information and technology have made online loans and borrowing an integral part of the society we live in today. The strive towards greater convenience and the use of smartphones has given us the ability to not just borrow money online, but to also search and compare the different loan options through online money lenders and banks. […]