Grab & Gojek Loan


While living in Singapore, you must have found that life is very expensive there. Certainly, it is rated as the most costlier in the world for many years. Although the country’s income levels are effective, so, the cost of living is rising.  


This lets everyone adapt to the side job to make their living easy. And, in-country, like Singapore where people often move out, driving a taxi is always profitable.  Because of the high car prices and high maintenance costs in Singapore, many prefer cab services. 


So, to meet the growing need for survival, it is profitable to shake hands with the taxi-hailing business.  Grab/Gojek is one of the leading ride-sharing platforms that enable those with cars to generate income. Surely, these platforms have transformed the ways of transportation in Singapore. 


But, things are not easier all the time, you might not have sufficient funds or you got an emergency.  And, it is not a good idea to spend every bit of your savings in Grab or Gojek Car.  Therefore, there is nothing better than lending a Grab/Gojek Taxi Driver Loan.

How a Grab/Gojek  Loan is helpful for you?

As the taxi business in Asia (especially Singapore) is growing,  the challenges it is bringing must be understood. 

Generally, buying a car in Singapore needs a 40% to 50% down payment. As COE prices are regularly rising, the desire to purchase a new car is fading. Even if you continue to bear the ever-increasing cost of car maintenance, you may encounter difficulties when trying to repay all loans.


Luckily, now, you can leverage Grab/Gojek taxi driver loans to get your own car. These loans are particularly meant for taxi drivers only and yes,  they hold the capacity to meet your financial requirements when packaged. 


Cash Direct Grab or Gojek Loan Taxi Driver Loan is more beneficial for drivers even when there is a shortage of cash.  We have a simple application process, consent, professional advice, and free quotation as well.


To get a loan quickly, you must present the below document to us:


  • NRIC Identification Card
  • Some proof of recent billing
  • last three months of the payslip (Grab/Gojek Payslips)


Borrowers that can satisfy this condition are available to get a loan from Cash Direct:


  • 21 years of age and above
  • Permanent resident, Singapore citizen or foreign worker with accurate working permit
  • Presently operated as a Grab/Gojek Driver