The aim behind this policy is to make you understand our policies and practices regarding the personal data obtained, managed, and unveiled by Cash Direct in Singapore.   Here, our intention also lies in revealing how to access and edit the personal data, and how to draw inquiries and file complaints about our processing of such data when necessary.

We protect and save your personal data by following the Personal Data Protection Act and hence, assuring your privacy.

Except otherwise declared, this policy relates to the personal data of our current and recent customers and others that we might get entertained (e.g., directors, securities providers, and stockholders linked to our potential customers).

Associates in this policy to “Cash Direct”, “us”, “we” or “our” include all branches, representational offices, subsidiaries, and associated companies and affiliates collected, used, and/or collected by Group of Cash Direct., or reveal personal data in Singapore.

Cash Direct can access different agreements with customers and individuals with particular data protection provisions. The policies of those agreements will take precedence over the terms of this policy.

Data Protection Defined

The responsibility of the organization is to maintain the privacy and safety of the customer’s personal details.

For those organizations that manage the content and the value of the personal details, Cash Direct is the Data Controller. Cash Direct hired a Data Protection Officer (DPO) whose duty is to protect the rights of carrying out the businesses and assuring compliance with Data Protection regulations and laws.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) terms were introduced on 25th May 2018. Its aim lies in setting the new regulations for the processing and usage of the data. GDPR, therefore, strengthens and regulates the laws of data protection for every EU citizen.

All these regulations are for the organizations that handle and process the overall data with an account to an individual or group of individuals. All the employees, even the agents, contractors, consultants and the third parties with access to the personal data must abide by this in a direct or indirect manner.

Data Protection at Cash Direct

Cash Direct is thankful to you to show the trust in us in gathering, processing, and protecting your personal data. Continuing as the data processor and collector of your personal data, we, will:

Our personal data collection procedure

Cash Direct collect personal data when the customer:

Then, we note all telephone conversations, or those made by you, and will always be informed for the same. There are other means of collecting the information- it could be via apps, websites, social media, market research, etc.

Cash Direct website complies with “cookies”. After visiting our website, our website uses this technology to store small text records on the mobile device or PC. Cookies assist you in providing a better experience for you. 

When you choose us for the personal loan, first of all, we will demand your ID proof. In between the process of an application, and for the time frame until you do not repay the loan, we will continue the search and will give the required information to the third parties. These third parties could be the Central Credit Register, credit collection agencies, and credit reference agencies. CCU and third parties maintain the information even if the application is successful or not.

The purpose behind collecting, using and disclosing your personal data

Cash Direct will collect, use, and disclose personal data about you which is logically required for our business purposes and pursuits. Common purposes of collecting, using, and disclosing the personal data are:

What information Cash Direct Collects?

If you hire us, then you have to open an account first and then, open an account and carry out business with us and create loan applications we accumulate:

Personal Information

Personal Financial Information

Special Categories of Personal Information

How does Cash Direct use the collected information?

Cash Direct leverage the personal information for the below purposes:

We have to get and leverage the personal data to offer services and products to you with our terms and conditions. And, if you are not giving the personal information then, we cannot give the services and products to you. 

While starting the process of a loan application, initially, your ID proof is verified. It already has been mentioned earlier that in the overall procedure, the information searches will be carried out and if required, then the information will be sent to the third parties. 

The information we gather on how you use the services or products and from the apps, website, and social media is examined by us. It assists us to understand how we engage with the customers and how you are leveraging the services and services, for the protection from financial fraud and crime and, for marketing information as well.

Cash Direct uses technology for automated decision making, such as loan applications. Every decision is examined by us with the personal information you provide to us, information from third parties, the technology, and your information that we already have.

Trends and reports include the information anonymized; i.e. addresses and names are excluded. The information which is shared in these reports does not incorporate anything that would classify you or your account number. In this case, we fulfill our regulatory and legal obligations. If we change the purpose of using your information, we will notify you.

Updates and Accuracy to the personal data

Cash Direct will use all feasible steps to assure that we have accurate or update personal data at the time of collection and regularly thereafter.

In case there will be any difference in your personal data, you should notify us promptly and within any appropriate period specified to allow us to update the data.

We will follow every practical step to guarantee that the retention period of personal data is only for the time required to serve the purpose for which it was collected, or only for the time required for commercial or legal purposes.

Protecting and maintaining your personal data

We save the personal data we own or control by formulating reasonable technical, physical, procedural, and administrative security measures to block unauthorized access, use, collection, copying, disclosure, disposal, modification, or similar risks.

Outcomes of not giving personal data

Failure to provide personal data may cause us to be incapable to continue or open accounts, build or proceed to give banking services or banking, financial, securities, investment serviced, and products, incorporating securities trading, derivatives, commodity, and stock sales, exchange trading mortgages and Funds.

Request access to and personal data collection

You can ask and get access to some personal data that is in our dependency or under our control and to hold personal data linking to you which is incorrectly changed in some circumstances. 

You can do this by reaching our Personal Data Protection Officer in writing to us. We can also ask the fair fee for processing the data access request.

In order to reach us and offer the personal data you request to access, you have to specify the required data reasonably and we will require you to confirm the identity (to assure that we will not give the personal data to unknown people to access Rights to such data).


If in any case, you feel that Cash Direct is not fulfilling the obligations in the Personal Data Protection Act about the personal data, then, please contact our Personal Data Protection Officer.