Offer up to 12 months installment plan!! Offer up to 12 months installment plan!! Offer up to 12 months installment plan!! Offer up to 12 months installment plan!! Offer up to 12 months installment plan!! Offer up to 12 months installment plan!!

Study Loan

Higher education can open the door to rich and rewarding careers. Though, even with government subsidies, the cost of diplomas and higher education courses is getting higher. Singapore is an ideal destination to study. Nowadays, students who choose to study abroad are looking for more than just top universities. The parameter has evolved from quality education to what the country is offering to the students as a whole. Undeniably, Singapore is considered a favorite country for students who like to study abroad. This is because of the reason that it provides holistic growth, quality education, safety and security, value for money. Moreover, the opportunity to work in the country after the completion of education. You may take a part-time job to fund your education. However, it can be very troublesome to balance work and study at the same time.   Hence, Cash Direct as the study loan Singapore is here to give you the best deals so that you can pursue your studies without worrying about the funds.

Why Study Loans?

The aim of this loan is to extend your financial constraints so that you can continue quality education easily. These loans have fewer interest rates and customizable repayment structure as contrasted to personal loans.


Besides, you must understand that unless otherwise stated, these funds are strictly used to pay tuition. It only implies that if you want to spend on other coursework materials and some more necessities, like, art supplies, laptops, or textbooks, then, you need to find some other ways of financing.


Things to consider before taking up the study loan

To take up the loan, as an applicant, you have to consider the below factors:

To register the loan with Cash Direct, the applicant has to be above 21 years. Or if the applicant is below 21 then the next of the kin or working parents have to take the loan by themselves.


As an aspirant, you have to look for a moneylender who is reliable to loan the required amount for the required course. Based on your monthly income, we can provide you with an estimated loan.


Applicant ‘s income


For those who are engaged in part-time study, you need to verify that you have a constant source of monthly income and are eligible for education.


If you are not working currently and want to obtain an education loan, you need a working parent or close relative to accept the loan on your behalf.


The interest rate


Choose a lender wisely that can give you a fair interest rate so that you can repay the repayment.


Other charges

As an aspirant, you have to be conscious of other costs that may be acquired by the loan. These fees cover late fees, processing fees, and cancellation fees.


Loan duration


At Cash Direct, according to the financial situation, we give you the unsecured study loan with a loan tenure of up to approximately months. It assures that you will have adequate time to adequately repay the loan, while not settling a burden on the finances.