Renovation Loan

Got the new house?  What now?  In general, renovation is the next thing that comes to everyone’s mind.  Surely, you spend a lot of money on getting the new house keys.  But, there is a deep desire to customize the house.


Despite the renovation ideas you have, the cost is the main thing that cannot be avoided.   Fortunately,  now, the local financial market has options for the homeowners looking to renovate the house. It does not matter if you like to give the old house a new look or you bought a new house itself, the renovation loan from Cash Direct gives you the best options.  We, an authorized and well-known moneylender provides you the loan funds for you to give your property the personal touch.

How to get a quick renovation loan in Singapore?

Cash Direct gives you the easier loan application process with the online application options. We do not let you wait and avoid the needless delays with the below ways: 

Assure what you require and place so that we can easily give you the quote. We will give you the official quotation and an objective of the renovations you have to carry out. This quote is important in accessing and budgeting quick financing.

To apply for the renovation loan with us, you have to be Permanent Resident (PR) or Singaporean aged 21 years or above for qualifying. Other requirements are; proof of income for both self-employed and salaried people, proof of ownership of your property, documentation.

The best part about renovation loans is that they are flexible, even if you like to repaint the walls, add new flooring, change tiling in your bathroom, add a sunroom or repaint your roof, etc. all this depends on you.

The renovation loan can be applied easily if you are above 21 years.  Several different conditions are there, the general documentation needs integrating ownership of your home, proof of income, CPF statements, NRIC copies, bank statements, official contractor’s quote, and latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment (NOA) for salaried and self-employed people.

Generally, the loan tenure of banks varied among 1 and 5 years and all, the repayments are dependent on the banks.  And, the interest rates can be either variable or flat whereas the amounts lendable relies on the bank’s financial situation.