Medical Loan

Good health is true wealth! We all aspire for our loved ones to be happy and healthy. But, when the medical emergency happens, not only the emotional and mental aspects take a toll, but, the finances as well. Medical expenses can instantly weaken the financial situation of the family. Many diseases tend to sneak into the patient’s body quietly, and some cases suddenly strike, accidentally leaving the chaos on the scene. That is why you are looking for a medical loan option.


Before and after hospitalization, emergency procedures, medication and surgery can easily charge you thousands of dollars. Needless to say, this is not money that most of us possess.


Generally, health insurance is the first option which is most considerable, but even that is not adequate all the time. The main downfall is that it does not include all medical ailments. Because health insurance companies are imposing constraints on the methods or diseases they can and cannot include.

If insurance is not available, the family or patient looks for other sources to pay for medical expenses. Here, Medical Loans come into play. It is the best way to clear all medical debts. 

Medical Financing Loan Explained

The objective of medical loans is to fund the medical costs which are specifically not covered by health insurance.


These medical loans include the necessary medical procedures, emergency surgical procedures, medical debt consolidation, and some other medical expenses.  


It is important for you to note that your medical account includes the withdrawal limits whereas the insurance policies do not include the pre-existing conditions. Hence, the medical loan is preferable to you to reduce the burden of the medical financial so that you can focus on the treatment.


Being the best and experienced money lender in Singapore, Cash Direct is offering medical loans to hundreds and thousands of its customers every year.


Affordable and Quick medical loan services from Cash Direct

We, at Cash Direct, provide an affordable and quick medical loan in Singapore for you on time. So you can respond to medical emergencies without worrying. 


Raising money from friends and family is generally a good idea. But it usually doesn’t give you the exact money you need to settle your bill to discharge you or your loved ones. Moreover, it consumes a lot of time as well. 


So, we are here to give you the solution to all of your problems. Cash Direct is giving you the best way to take off the excess burden that you got in medical emergencies. With our medical loan facilities, you can receive funds quickly required for medical care. This will also assure that you have the full chances to have a quick and complete recovery.


We cannot deny that the healthcare cost is touching the skies from some years all around the world (Singapore is not an exception).   


Even so, regardless of your financial situation, medical/health emergencies cannot be ignored. The Cash Direct has all that you need to overcome the illness.


Filling out the online application form is a simple process like other loans.  All it requires is choosing and submitting the suitable documentation for processing, approval, and then, waiting for some hours to get the money. There is no other way than this to handle medical emergencies.


When can medical loans be provided?

All loan applications have medical emergency options. Below, are some of the other emergencies it covers:

Considering the recent trends, medical loans include the elective process, such as breast implants or reduction, nose jobs, liposuction, etc. Undeniably, these procedures are costly and cannot cover mostly all through insurance policies.

Medical loans also cover dental procedures, such as braces, reconstruction, surgery, etc.

Several insurances do not include the fertility treatments and allow you to arrange payments in any means.

The medical loans are not preferably meant for medical emergencies or procedures. It also takes part in other debts that have unfavorable loan terms. Getting more credit to the service, like, the outstanding services might reduce the difficulties, in the long run, particularly, where the interest is high. It is easy to have other loans with more feasible repayment rates and terms to give every pending debt with conditions that translate to higher costs.

General medical emergencies

We cannot decide when a medical emergency can happen. But, at least, we can secure the right decisions at the right time so that we do not have to face trouble on time.   Although these medical emergencies can cover with Medisave or an insurance policy, there are still limits to the amount of coverage. Below are the common ones:

The body requires oxygen to sustain and function efficiently. Anyone with issues in breathing needs emergency medical treatment, whether it is caused by an allergic reaction or asthma attack.

When someone is in severe pain, even if injured or not, quick help is needed.

When someone collapses and no one is informed about the cause, then it is predominant to look for prompt medical attention.

A heart attack happens when someone’s arteries are blocked and their function is impaired. If the heart is left untreated, it might stop functioning completely. The heart gives many signs before the attack, like, nausea and/or vomiting, chest pain, dizzy or lightheaded, shortness of breath, pain which feels like it is going from chest to arms and also, hits the abdomen, back, neck and jaw, etc.

Few have sudden and unruly shaking of the body part and overall body. It is the result of the disease termed as epilepsy or any other underlying medical reason.

A stroke happens when blood clots in the brain. If it is not dealt with immediately, it can influence movement and speech and may cause brain damage. If someone’s face is tilted on one side and they cannot smile; whether their speech is vague; if they cannot raise and move the arms then they are likely to have a stroke.