Wedding Loan

Everyone always dreamt of the perfect wedding.  With the dazzling venue, gorgeous gown, fancy decorations and surrounded by your loved one, everything becomes magical.  When in Singapore, a grand wedding is a dream. 


Singapore is known as one of the highly-rated wedding destinations, of course, there are reasons behind it.  This incredible country has several lavishing venues and for all wedding types.  Besides, many venues are there that provide the best services and products to make your D-day truly unforgettable.


Counting from the country’s best videographers, wedding planners, photographers, unique attractions, incredible food, bridal gown boutiques, all make Singapore a fantastic place for a wedding. But,  its reality charges more.   What we meant is that- if you lack in the five-figure sum to spend, then, do not worry!! Cash Direct is here for you!!


Now, you can get an affordable wedding loan in Singapore to fund your big day and even, with the simple procedure.  Give us the chance to make your life-changing event smooth with a peace of mind.


Why is a wedding loan in Singapore important?

Singapore almost charges S$3,000 to S$50,000 generally for wedding and a grand event can cost up to S$100,000. Of course, given the high prices that follow, we are full of praise for our island becoming an ideal wedding destination. 


Essentially, several aspects to the wedding are there, like, solemnization, dowry, bridal package, floral arrangements, honeymoon, that are add-ups. And, for those, who like this occasion to make extra special for their bride, then, there will be more charges. That is why getting a wedding loan in Singapore becomes important. And, yes, you do not have to make extra efforts with Cash Direct.

Our tailor-made wedding loans

Despite personal loans provided by banks, not describing the purpose, wedding loans are particularly designed for couples who are about to get married. 

Traditional financiers consider providing tailor-made loans for weddings, but, these loans have many conditions that put undesirable pressure on couples who are already busy preparing!


Therefore, we as private lenders can meet your particular needs. You will have a qualified loan representative who will work particularly for you in the repayment and application period.


Cash Direct fully understands the different needs and wants of every couple.  And, of course, the non-avoidable financial situations as well.  So, the loans offered by us are strictly based on the customers’ repayment ability. We prepare the loan schedule after the evaluation of the income so that you should not get stressed out by the heavy loan repayments. Cash Direct aims to eradicate the undesirable tensions in your wedding process.


Talking about the long-run, tailor-made wedding loans are advised to protect your assets.  Those couples who prefer the secured loans for their wedding from banks end up in risky situations and lose their home or cars if the financial situation worsens in the future.


Cash Direct Wedding Loans are here to serve you, not to stress you.  We take off all the extra financial burden from your shoulders and make everything flawless and seamless for you. 

Easy and quick loan application process with Cash Direct

Compared to the credit union or banks that take weeks to approve the loans, Cash Direct is giving you the simple ways of processing the loan applications.


As a renowned moneylender firm, we carry out confirmation of your loan application in a speedy way. All you have to bring the essential documents to us and follow the eligibility criteria (that are mentioned below). One of our wedding loan assistants will offer you the best repayment scheme to pull off your debt burden. We want to give you the best experience. 


Requirementsd Documents

  • NRIC or Passport number
  • Recent 3 computerized monthly payslip Or 15 months CPF statement Or Income Tax Statement for salaried individuals.
  • For self-employed individuals: Last 2 years Income Tax Statements are needed
  • Original Passport
  • Valid Employment Pass
  • Tenancy Agreement for your rental Premise, Handphone Bill or PUB Bill 
  • Recent 3 Months Payslip
  • Appointment Letter from your Company
  • Bank Statement: For proof of your company crediting the salary
  • Age above 21 years old
  • You have to be either Permanent Resident, Singaporean, or Foreigner with a valid Singapore Employment Pass
  • Full time employed personnel

Affordable Interest Rates for Wedding Loans

Cash Direct totally understands that Interest rates are an essential factor while choosing the financer to take the wedding loan. Holding an experience of many years in the Singapore finance industry, we are known to every type of available loans. Our aim lies in providing you an ideal wedding loan package to fulfill every need and expense.


The wedding loan packages are customized to show financial ability and make it easy for you to manage your dream wedding. Cash Direct likes to settle every couple to newly married life comfortably and enjoy it to the best without worrying about debts or repayments.