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Emergency Loan SG: When to Consider and Where to Get Them Quickly

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Unexpected situations can happen at any time!!

Those with a well budget even fail to cope up properly.

Here, in this situation, an emergency fund is the only option to consider. Fortunately, an emergency loan is here to help!! It offers higher expenses when you do not have much cash when it is needed the most.

What is an Emergency Loan?

An emergency loan is the lowest interest rate personal loan that provides an effective and smart way to fulfill the unpredictable and unplanned expenses and costs. Obviously, you cannot cover every budget requirement. It does not matter how much you are working to satisfy the unexpected means, most of the time, there is no other way than looking for help!!

The emergency loan gives you a sigh of relief that assuredly matters when you are in a financial shock. Most of the emergency loans have quick approval, no origination and annual fee, less interest rates, and an easy and flexible loan payment schedule.

The amount received highly depends on how much you require to fulfill the cost. However, the emergency loans are comparatively small, they come in the pipeline of $250 and $1,000. Generally, they are quick, and the funds can be received in not more than two days after getting approval of the emergency loan. It has been seen that the few lenders can also give cash on the same day of the approval.

As the emergency loans are unsecured, so, you do not need to consider any collateral to have one. But, there are many lenders that provide unsecured personal loans and ask the borrowers to give some assets, like, savings account funds and home equity to get the funds.

These emergency loans are also obtainable from credit card advances and payday loans. Though, it is better to avoid these options as much as possible. The personal loan standards change according to the best credit moneylender. Hence, it is advised to examine every option accordingly. While comparing the list of all licensed money lenders in Singapore, examine the fees, minimum income requirements and credit score, how much you can get, etc.

Types of Emergency Loans in Singapore

  • Personal loans

The unsecured personal loan can be received according to the credit history and the credit score of the borrower. It helps in determining the interest rate, eligibility, and the amount that could be borrowed. Many moneylenders provide different type of personal loans which are collateralized according to the assets, such as, real estate, investments, and cars. 

  • Payday Loans

Payday loans are high-interest and low amount loans. Typically, they do not need any credit check, however, have a quick turnaround, and basically, need repayment on the next payday. Basically, these loans are $500 or less with a 400% higher APR. Avoid using this option much.

  • Title Loans 

The title loan is described as the loan that considers the vehicle, such as, your car, in exchange for the funds. In case, you fail to repay the loan, then, the moneylender is authorized to keep your vehicle.

  • Credit Card Advances

Those with a credit card can get the cash from the available credit balance. The interest rates for the advances of the credit card are more than APR for regular purchases. You can expect the fees like processing and transaction fees on top of that. When you withdraw money (without a grace period), interest will begin to accrue, which will increase the amount you need to repay.

What Emergency Loan Can be Used for? 

As the type of consolidated loan in Singapore, the emergency loan can be used for:

  • Medical Bills

If you have sudden medical expenses or need an emergency room, then you can pay for these expenses through an emergency loan.

  • Rent and Mortgage Payments

If your house payment is about to expire and you don’t have the funds to pay on time, then, an emergency loan can help you tide over the storm till you pay again.

  • Utilities

With the emergency loans to meet utility bills on time, assure that the light stays on and the phone will not shut down. Keeping the status of your bills up-to-date assures that you won’t fall behind in terms of investments and lessens the chance of a credit score drop.

  • Funeral Expenses

If a loved one dies and no funeral expenses or other end-of-life expenses are provided, you might require an emergency loan.

  • Home or Car Repairs

Although you can get more satisfying interest terms and rates through a home equity line of credit (HELOC) or home equity loans, any home repair requires urgent payment.

Moreover, car repairs often pop up at the most unfavourable time. If you require to repair a car or provide funds for house repairs and you cannot wait, then, an emergency loan can also cover these costs as well.

When to Consider an Emergency Loan?

The emergency loan aims to provide you quick access to the funds when there is an urgent spending need. These types of loans are considered to be an alternative to traditional finance and meet the most urgent and pressing currency needs.

They vary from bank loans in that you will not visit the bank in person to explain the situation with the bank manager. 

Rather, the underwriter (​​or team of underwriters) will analyse your financial ability (current salary, occupation, expenses, dependents, etc.) and then provide you with the possibility to obtain funds within hours of applying online. 

Emergency loans are very adaptable because they enable you to use funds to meet unexpected expenses in a short period. For example, you can get an emergency loan faster than with a cash advance or credit card- although do not forget to consider when and how you can repay.

Each emergency loan situation is different. Eventually, the decision to accept an emergency loan is totally, up to you. It’s best to weigh the money you require, and don’t feel confused by borrowing debts that exceed your ability to service debt and interest. Just by adopting these loans for an emergency, you can reduce the risk of falling into a debt crisis.

Where to Get the Emergency Loan Quickly?

As you can receive an emergency loan from the payday loan lender or credit card issuer, but, we advised you to get the traditional unsecured personal loan from an online moneylender, credit union or bank. 

  • Online Moneylenders

The online money lender provides several types of emergency loans and many do not want you to be the current account holder or member. In addition, several provide pre-qualification options to know if you are qualified to get an emergency loan before applying. It assists you to avoid strict credit checks that negatively affect the credit score.

But, before approaching any online moneylender, it is better to research well to get the best loans options. Hire the reputable and licensed moneylender with appealing offerings and secure websites.

  • Banks

Those have a traditional bank account at the brick and mortar bank then you can get a personal loan easily. But, they have separate processing methods than the other moneylending options. Like, several banks have more income requirements and have a higher credit score. Also, you cannot get the funds as quickly as from the online moneylenders. Hence, it is better to check how long it takes to get funds in the account before applying.

  • Credit Unions

Getting an emergency loan is also possible from the credit unions. They are more user-friendly and community based for the borrower with less credit score. The emergency loans from the credit union differ in amount, however, several offer payday alternative loans within the range of $200 and $1,000. Always remember that many credit unions lend money to the members-only or those who have been for the credit union members for some time only. If you fail to fulfil these requirements and require you to get more funds, then you should adopt more options.

Benefits of Emergency Loan

  • Higher Approval Rate

Traditional moneylenders normally check your credit rating before providing funds. If your credit file records a history of the non-payments, late payments, and other problems, then traditional lenders may not want to grant you loans.

As a simplified option, emergency loans include comparatively small amounts, which can be repaid in some weeks only. As emergency loans are repaid in a comparably short period, many emergency loan providers are ready to provide greater flexibility in accepting applications.

The approval rate of emergency loans is more as compared to the traditional loans as online moneylenders aim at the current employment status and your future repayment ability, not your financial situation. This way, you can get funds easily when you require it most.

  • More Convenience

Getting financing does not have to include tours to the bank or high-pressure agreements with potential financiers. Alternatively, online moneylenders provide a convenient way of financing.

These bank loan alternatives enable you to obtain funds in just an hour without having to schedule one to one meetings. Rather, the lender will only examine your capacity to pay off the emergency loan before accepting to provide you with a payment.

Eventually, emergency situations will not wait. When a car needs replacement or breaks down, you do not have to wait for financing. Emergency lenders are helpful in this regard because they enable you to get funds within minutes of a strong application.

  • Higher Flexibility

Everyone has their own financial requirements. Basically, this indicates that there is no “one size fits all” financing method. Emergency loans provide higher flexibility as compared to other funding forms as they permit you to determine exactly the amount to borrow in the less term.

Accordingly, you can meet the requirement for quick access to cash without having to bear a larger balance than you need. This is your loan, your way, and you can also pick your own repayment term. Like; if you want to access the small amount, like, £200, then, you can have an emergency loan and pay off the overall outstanding balance in less time span.

At other times, you might want to obtain a huge amount (for example, £2,000) and repay it gradually over 3 to 6 months. In case of the emergency loans, you can pick the most compliant way to meet the repayment commitments. In some cases, if you make extra money by accident, the moneylender may even enable you to repay the loan early. This allows you to reduce the overall cost of payment.

  • Emergency Loans are Quick

When you encounter a financial emergency, time is of the essence. You may not be able to wait for the long approval period, and you may not have time to schedule a meeting with the bank manager.

Emergency loans are ideal for situations where you want to get cash quickly as most payday lenders offer you the possibility to deposit funds into the bank account in an hour.

It only takes a minute or two to submit a loan application, and many brokers can instantly meet you with a reputable lender. With quick direct funding, the funds get transferred from the faster payment gateways to your account.  In a few situations, the emergency funds can be accessed merely in some minutes.

  • Easy to Manage

The best thing about the emergency loan is that it can be managed online quickly that implies that the borrower can manage it easily. While applying for the emergency payday loan, you can get access to the online payment dashboard according to the lenders’ choice.

From here, you can check the current loan balance, the repayment dates and the options to submit the online payments, like, when and how.

  • Emergency Loans can Meet any of Your Needs

The only constraint on accessing the emergency loan lies in your capacity to pay back on time. Generally, we advise that you adhere to the better practice of applying for emergency loans only when there are no other options or when you want to pay for necessities such as bills and food. Though, the loan expenditure is up to you.

  • Saves your Money

In financial emergencies, there are often cases of bounced checks, overdraft fees, default fees, and other fees. These costs add up quickly and then, plunge you into a debt crisis.

An alternative way to solve this condition is to withdraw funds that can cover emergency costs, as this may lessen the costs you pay as a whole. Nevertheless, this is only relevant if you are certain that you can repay the loan cost in time.

Let’s take the example of a missed minimum credit card payment amount and at the same time an illegal overdraft of 20 pounds overdraft, as an emergency expenditure.

The lack of the least credit card payment amount may cause you to charge you a late fee of approximately £25, and illegal overdrafts might cause you to lose more than four times in a month.  The solution is easy: by providing an emergency loan of £100, you can evade late fees and decrease unauthorized overdraft charges. 

The advanced regulations of the Financial Conduct Authority stipulate that after you borrow 100 pounds a month, you will never expect to pay more than 24 pounds in interest. This is much better than facing an unscheduled fee of £125, and you will yet have a small loan to cover your expenses until the next payday.

  • Short-term influence on the Finances

Certain forms of credit can make you subject to financial institutions for 12 months approximately. Emergency payday loans will just have a short-term influence on the finances, as these loans are designed to be repaid when you get the next monthly payment from the employer.

In this way, you can solve the financial emergencies and pay off the arrears in a noticeably less time, without having to assume debts that may be in arrears for many years.

  • Improve the Credit Rating

If your credit rating is poor, you may find it challenging to obtain certain financing forms, like, credit cards, mortgages, or also mobile phone contracts. Emergency lenders usually look more limited at your credit score, and more at your repayment ability.

Although this means that you may need to pay more emergency loan interest. Once you have paid off the entire loan, the lender will report to the credit counselling agency.

It can assist you to prove that you are financially responsible. Thereby, growing your credit score and possibly providing you with new credit lines in the future.

Also if you oppose the idea of ​​obtaining money in an emergency, the fact is that emergency loans can not only assist you to evade the financial crises, but also help you enhance the future financial situation.

Concluding Remarks

Certainly, sometimes unexpected twists and turns in life imply that we need to look for alternative financiers on a timely basis. It’s essential to take care of a penny, but remember that you don’t need the stress.

There are many affordable emergency Moneylenders  to choose, and you can ensure that a well-known broker will be able to provide you with an emergency loan with a repayment period to satisfy the income frequency and salary amount.

If you encounter a situation that requires urgent use of funds, please contact our Jurong East Money Lender immediately. Our experienced team is available to help you at any time, and we will try our best to provide you with the best services that meet your needs.

Hopefully, you liked this article. If there are some queries or suggestions then let us know in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading!!



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