When it is about financial solutions, many options came insight. There is a choice of third party lending companies or banks. 

In Singapore alone, best credit moneylenders are there that offer different types of loans to meet your financial needs.  All you have to do is to find the right option for you.

A monthly installment loan is a short-term loan that can be easily repaid within a fixed time schedule. This loan type is very advantageous as you can schedule for your payments each month. It permits you to easily process payments and grow the credit score.

The loan will be repaid on time, and there is a certain amount of planned monthly repayment. For instance, it may have 6 planned monthly repayment periods, so the loan is due and can be repaid in full within 6 months of now. The monthly installment loan usually applies to those who have a credit score of 650 or lower. Formally, Fair Isaac Co. (FICO) counts anything below 580 to be poor. But, in reality, it is hard for you to get standard installment loans, personal loans, and credit cards with credit scores below 650.

Hence, the bad-credit monthly installment loan is usually a short-term installment loan that you can get without credit or bad credit. Usually, it has a higher annual interest rate (APR) and might have stricter and short flexible repayments.

Different Types of Monthly Installment Loans

Generally, the Monthly Installment Loans comes up with different categories, such as secured, unsecured. The Secured loans needs, mortgage, someone’s property or asset as a guarantee for the loan. 

If you do not pay, the lender might get ownership of the loan collateral; this means that, if you cannot repay the car loan, the lender can take back your car. Generally, a personal loan is an unsecured loan, which means it doesn’t require any type of collateral. 

Below are some common monthly installment loan types:

Personal loans

The personal loans in SG are meant for different purposes, like, wedding, home renovation, medical expenses and debt consolidation, etc.  These types of loans can be obtainable from the best credit moneylenders that are known for completing the process in some transactions itself. The personal loans are available in a different range of amounts.  The interest rates mostly rely on the credit score you have.

Auto loans 

You can leverage the auto loans when purchasing the vehicle.  As they use the car as collateral, if you cannot pay, the ownership of the car will be at risk. But the result is that the interest rate on auto loans is usually much lower than that of unsecured loans. 


A mortgage is a secured installment loan used to buy a house. Comparable to the auto loan, your house is also used as a mortgage to protect the lender so that the mortgage interest rate is less as compared to the unsecured loan interest rate.

Student loans 

The student loans also come in the category of monthly installment loan that is used for paying higher education. This type of loan is issued by the private lender and the federal government. The repayment options, interest rates, and forgiveness programs differ according to its type (whether it is a private study loan or federal loan).

Payday loans

These are instalment type loans advertised to assist the borrowers to get through until the next salary is received. However, due to high-interest rates and fees, they are acknowledged to plunge customers into a debt cycle and are seen by many as a form of predatory loans.

How much Monthly Installment Loan is Beneficial?

The monthly installment loans are very resilient and can be efficiently tailored to meet the borrower’s ability to pay at the right time with the right amount. This loan type allows the borrows to acquire an amount at less interest rate substantially than the generally available credit financing, like credit cards. Accordingly, the borrower can have much cash in hand for different purposes without spending a lot of cash.

For long-term loans, the downside is that borrowers may pay for fixed-rate loans at a higher interest rate than the prevailing market interest rate.  The borrower can refinance the loan at the current less interest rate. 

Another major setback of monthly installment loans is that the borrower is locked in longstanding financial obligations. Probably, most of the time, circumstances may prevent the borrower from repaying the debt as planned, risk default, and may confiscate any collateral used to guarantee the loan.

But, the best part about a monthly installment loan is that you can relieve yourself and pay every month with the same amount. The loan has an easy installment plan and is affordable and does not need any guarantor or collateral.   The licensed moneylenders Singapore offers you the monthly and fixed plans, hence, they cannot decrease or increase. Accordingly, you can prepare your expenses and pay on time easily.

Working of Monthly Installment Loan

The borrower fills the application form to apply for the monthly installment loan. In the form, you need to specify the purpose of the loan, like purchasing a vehicle or lending some property.    The lender and the borrower discuss different options related to the down payment, loan term, repayment schedule, and repayment amount. 

For instance, if someone wants to obtain $10,000 to fund the purchase of a car, the moneylender notifies the borrower that paying a larger down payment allows the borrower to get a less interest rate, or the borrower can get a lower monthly repayment by taking out the amount for more time.

The lender also evaluates the creditworthiness of the borrower to know how much the lender is willing to provide and at what loan terms.

Usually, the borrowers repay the loan by repaying the expected amount. Borrowers can regularly save interest expenses by repaying the loan before the completion of the loan agreement. Nevertheless, if the borrower pays off the loan early, some loans impose an advance payment penalty.

Concluding Remarks

If you need instant cash,  the monthly installment loans can be a solution. It has compliant repayment terms, hence, this loan type is best for the borrowers who are planning to loan upfront.

It is recommended to not to consider the monthly installment loans like the payday loans.  They both are different in many ways. Similar to other loan types, the  monthly installment loan does not influence the credit score (but, you need to pay on time).  Never consider refinancing as an option, so you can extend the repayment date. Else, your debt burden will increase.

Choose a monthly installment loan solution now, pay on a monthly basis and clear the financing mess!!

Do share your thoughts with us if you already have taken the loan!! Let us know if there are some queries or suggestions, we are here to assist you!!

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