Cash Direct started as a sole proprietor in 2016 and was previously located at Clementi and City Plaza. Cash Direct has since incorporated to Private Limited in mid-September of 2017 and has recently shifted into The Midtown situated in Hougang Central. The Midtown is a new mixed development taken over from the former Hougang Plaza. Hougang plaza was the first shopping and entertainment complex built in Hougang Central. Constructed in 1996, Hougang Plaza was built to defuse the crowds that once whelmed the beloved Hougang Oriental Emporium (the current Heartland Mall) located along Lorong Ah Soo.

Oriental Emporium may have been long forgotten or even unknown to young Singaporeans today, but its rich history brings back many significant memories for many adults in Singapore. The Emporium Holdings was established by a pair of brothers from Swatow who decided to venture to Singapore in hopes for a better life, between 1935 and 1940s.

The pair of brothers got into the provision and distribution business in Singapore, with a surge in demand of basic necessities after the Second World War, the begun to business grow. Between 1970 and 1979, the brothers saw an opportunity for expansion and took the chance to aggressively expand their business, opening 15 departmental stores across Singapore, Hougang Oriental Emporium being the biggest store of Emporium Holdings.

The Midtown is a new mixed development in Hougang, consisting of 107 commercial units and 160 residential units and just minutes away from Hougang mall, The Midtown has a 2 storey shopping mall that offers cheap food and affordable leisure. The Midtown is easily accessible by the North East Line (Purple Line), alight at Hougang Station and is a 3 minute walk from the mrt. You can also access The Midtown from Buangkok MRT or Ranggung LRT

Licensed Moneylender
The cost of living in Singapore is high and it is tough for us not to rely on multiple kinds of loans in our day to day lives. From school loans to mortgage loans, and more often than you’d realise, personal loans. Consider Cash Direct Pte Ltd to help you through your financial difficulties, whether you are in need of funds to sustain your business, renovations costs or smaller amounts of money for bills or unforeseen emergencies, we offer loan solutions that are tailored to your every need. Cash Direct Pte Ltd provides financial assistance to individuals and businesses who find themselves in financial strain.

Cash Direct Pte Ltd is a reputable and trusted licensed moneylender in Singapore that offers a myriad of loans at competitive interest rates, such as personal loans, payday loans and business loans. Our mission is to lend a helping hand to those in need of urgent cash.

We make the loan process incredibly quick and easy for you no matter whether you are a Singapore Citizen, Singapore Permanent Resident . We completely understand your predicament and we want to help you obtain the fast cash you need to tide over tough times whether it is for medical emergencies, sudden financial disruptions or other financial hardships you may be facing.

Cash Direct Pte. Ltd.

LIC NO:84/2018

Licensed Moneylender Singapore


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1187 Upper Serangoon Road(Hougang Central) #01-16
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