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Personal Loans Vs Payday Loans: A Detailed Comparison

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Which option do you choose when you need money?


The obvious choice is to get an instant loan in Singapore!!


Indeed, there are several loan types that could be leveraged to suit the financial need.  However, things become complicated when we need to decide which loan to prefer?


From all the types, payday and personal loans are the ones that are preferred by the most.


You must have heard about these earlier as well.  If not, then we are here to give you a brief of both and to show you the comparative analysis. It will help you to choose the one that suits your requirement.

What is a Payday Loan?

The payday loan is the short term loan. It provides you money which you require till you get the needed paycheck.


Usually, your paycheck or salary is used to repay this loan. Therefore, it is a means to “pull back” the income for a few days or weeks by means of fees or high-interest rates.


Getting this loan is very simple as lenders generally do not look at the credit score.  Just the income proof is needed to assure that you can get paid promptly.  It also implies that the payday loan must be less than the paycheck. Consequently, you should not rely on it to render large amounts of capital whenever you need it.


Nevertheless, the disadvantages of this loan are very severe, as the interest rate charged by the lender is very high. Although Singapore’s credit card, credits an annualized interest rate of 25%, payday loans can be credited up to 24% of interest for merely 2 weeks.


Examining monthly, the cost of 48% of a payday loan (24 times every 2 weeks x 2) is approximately 25 times the credit card debt you may bring. It does not matter how urgent your need is, getting S$760 by cutting your salary of S$1,000 appears to be a bad thing.

Advantages of Payday Loan

Receives the cash on the same day as the application

People are attracted to payday loans as of the assistance provided. You can give the application today and go out with your money on time. The bank can also transfer funds into the account on the same day or the next business day.

Comfortable payment system

Banks make it more manageable for borrowers to repay payday loans. The agreed date, generally, the payday, and the bank will withhold this amount from the salary automatically. 

Disadvantages of Payday Loan

Unreasonable interest rates 

Each convenience comes with a cost, particularly payday loans. Their interest rates are high, therefore you must repay at least 125% of the granted loan. Even in some cases, when you add financial expenses to everything else, the interest rate will reach 800%.

Negatively influences the credit score

Failure to repay the loan may end in debt. If you do not give sufficient funds on the day of payment, you can expect to receive late fees or fines. The longer you are in debt, the greater the possibility of lowering your score.

Advantages of Personal Loans

Any amount can be borrowed

Basic personal loan rates vary from US$1,500 to US$100,000. This indicates that using this type of loan can borrow more money than using a credit card, but if you only need a comparatively small amount, you can even use one.

Great Credit is not needed

For those with poor credit are also eligible for personal loans. Few lenders are willing to give personal loans to the customers with credit scores of 600 or less.

These borrowers may have to handle higher interest rates up to 36% per annum. But, the amount considered is still far less than the interest on payday loans, which is the most basic option for suboptimal interest loans.

More time to pay 

The next big problem with payday loans is that you only need a few weeks to pay off the loan completely. Numerous borrowers who were short of funds were managing this expense, so they eventually carried 

over the loan or immediately lent another.

Personal loans provide you at least one year to pay off your debt, cutting into smaller and more flexible monthly repayments.

Disadvantages of Personal Loans

Higher Rates comparison to some Loans 

For creditworthy borrowers, the interest rate for personal loans is usually lower as compared to the credit cards. But, for people with poor credit, the cost of a personal loan may be as high as the cost of a credit card loan or even more.


Personal loans, notably unsecured loans, can cost higher than different types of installment loans, like in the case of home equity loans.

Prepayment Penalties

When you acquire money from the credit card, the paying interest can be avoided by paying the full balance when it is feasible. But, this is not possible in the personal loan.


Several banks charge the prepayment penalty when the loan is paid early.  It enables them to know the interest they have been missing.

e time, you can bother about more significant things.

How does Payday Loan work?

Generally, the borrowers acquire the payday loan when they have a shortage of money and get it back with the arrival of the next paycheck.  However, the right thing is that most of the borrowers have to get through a lot of issues to pay back the amount prior to the due date.   Later, they are then required to roll over to get a fee, loan, and interest to a different loan with a new fee agenda.


It makes a debt cycle that is surely complicated to be ignored.   It is being examined that 80% of the payday loans got restored many times.  This process demands the major borrowers to pay more interest and fees compared to what they borrowed originally.


When the chances of returning the due fail, then the lender tries to take out the money from the borrower’s bank account.  And, when the bank account fails to have exact funds, then, the overdraft fees will be charged until the appropriate money is deposited. 


The next best thing about a payday loan is that they generally report activity to all leading credit bureaus.  It implies that even when the borrowers earn the payments on time, they will not see the boost in the credit score. 

How does Personal Loan work?

The personal loan can also be taken from the online lender or credit union or can be taken from the bank as well.  Several personal loans are not financed by the collateral and even, unsecured.  The personal loans that must constitute collateral behind them generally have fewer interest rates as compared to the unsecured personal loans.  


It is discovered that customers generally can carry out personal loans for home improvements, debt consolidation, car repairs, unexpected medical costs, vacations, large vacations, weddings, and different ceremonies. 


A personal loan can also be considered for pet medical expenses, fertility treatment, cosmetic surgery, and many more.  Many lenders have disadvantages on where the money can be used, that is to say, some constraints are there on using the money. 


With a good credit score, you can apply for the personal loan with a less interest rate as compared to the credit card.  This is the reason that the main reason for getting a personal loan is to pay the credit card debt. The borrowers could have hundreds of interest in the policy. 


The less interest rate is also the reason that some leverages the personal loan for the main expenses than the credit cards.  Until you have more money to pay, the huge tickets, such as furniture, cars or medical bills can be lesser than the personal loan. 


Two to seven years is the maximum period of the personal loan. The amount that you can get is generally among $1000 to $50,000 with the interest rates for the personal loan with the range between 4% to 36%.


The personal loans interest rates are dependent on the debt-to-income ratio user’s credit score, and additional factors.  The approval might even rely on the amount that you are asking for and the reason for the loan.

Comparison of the Payday loan and Personal loan

Here, in this section, we will be discussing the major differences among the personal and the payday loan. The differentiation is on the basis of the major factors, like,  loan duration, loan amount, interest rates,  etc.  Let’s get started!!

Interest rate

Nevertheless, personal loans and payday loans are unsecured, personal loans even surpass payday loans when it is about the interest rates. The cost of the loan is less for the personal loan than the payday loans; the less interest rate is the reason.  It could be advantageous when you are employing it as the debt consolidation loan or for the emergency.  

Even though the interest rates are dependent on the moneylender in Singapore assessment. The highest interest rate money lender takes 4% of every month and the highest rates of the late interest rates are 4% per month for every month the loan is repaid late. 

Annual income necessities

Personal loans are dependent on the bank account statements and the annual income whereas payday loans are dependent on the monthly salary.  Accordingly, you can get more with a personal loan. The payday loans are lesser, however, the instant expenses, whereas the payday loans are of huge purchases. 

Joint Application

Most of the personal loan lending companies offer joint applications. Here, the family members, like, the siblings, the parents, and the spouse could be the co-borrower. In the meantime, the payday loan permits only one loan applicant.  This arrives with some benefits, like increasing the income and refuting the bad credit rating for finding the utmost loan amount. 


Taking benefit of the joint loan application permits you to get the more loan amount that you simply are not restricted for.  This largely relies on the credit score of the co-borrower. It simply means that you cannot have a larger amount; also the loan application can also get rejected when the credit card scores are not delighting.

Repayment duration

Payday loans have less repayment duration, generally, less than or for the month. In the meantime, personal loans have a tenure of five years.

In the below table, we are providing you the key differences between the payday loan and the personal loan.  Find out below:

Main Differences  Personal loan Payday loan
Interest rates The higher interest rate the money lenders can take is 4% every month whereas the higher interest rate is 4% every month the loan is repaid late.  The higher interest rate the money lender can take is 4% every month whereas the higher rate of delayed loan interest rate is 4% every month for every month the loan is repaid late.  
Annual income needs Less and depends on the monthly income. Depends on the bank account statements, annual income, and so on.
Joint application Single loan applicant Permits the co-borrower, like a family member or relative.
Repayment duration Has to be given within a month or on the next salary. The repayment time period depends on the loan contract.
Approval time It takes 30 minutes to 1 hour as per the moneylender It takes 30 minutes to 1 hour as per the moneylender

Which one is better? Payday Loan or Personal Loan?

The decision is mostly dependent on several factors, or circumstances. Check out them below:

Repayment schedule

The payday loans are generally settled in the full; on the subsequent payday of the borrower. In comparison, the personal loan has many payment schedules, with the difference of twelve or sixty months.  The chosen repayment schedule is another essential element to acknowledge. 


Do you possess the capacity to repay the payday loan entirety in the next payday?  If you have some issues, then, it is better to choose the personal loan and leverage its benefits of the longer repayment schedule as compared to the risk defaulting on the loan.  The payday loan defaulting has heavy penalties and more interest, that is something that you do not require, particularly when you have financial issues. 

When the money is needed?

Deciding which one is better- depends largely on the time restrictions.  If you need the money quickly, then, it is advised to get the payday loan. 


The applications of the payday loan get executed more quickly than the personal loans,  As the payday loans can be applied easily and the processing is done on the time constraints, then they are befitted for the expenses which need the immediate consideration. 


Saying that you can be restricted to the amount that is needed by the payday loans.  The amount of money you require to get and when you require totally, are dependent on each other while deciding the loan you like to take.

How much is needed?

For the higher loan amount, personal loans can be chosen.  If the expense you want to compensate for is more such as car repair, wedding, and other major expenses, then, a payday loan is not sufficient.


According to the general practice, the payday loan is for small expenses that you will give in less than a month whereas the personal loans are meant for large expenses, payable in the year, or more. If you want to buy personal expenses then the credit card is beneficial, even with the credit card, they charge more than the basic loans.

Get what you can afford

Do not be worried about getting an amount that you have no means of giving, generally when it is about personal loans with more loan limits.  While getting a loan, always retrieve the entire amount you have to pay, the interest, and the other fee linked with the loan.


We advise you to borrow not more than required, else you will end up twirling in the debt, where you will get other loans to fulfill the old loans.   The debt loan is very tough to settle and you have to hence, plunge in the loans. Always check the repayment and budget capability while finding the amount of money that you like to loan. 

Wrapping Up

Moneylenders like credit unions, lending companies, banks constitute their strategies when it is about personal loans and payday loans.  This could make it tough to select with different terminologies and terms, however, the process could make it simple by helping the loan advisor.


By the loan advisor, you can examine and contrast many loans accessible for you.  Always remember that the loan providers fulfill the same purpose, to assist in overpowering the financial issues.   While getting the loan, always check it out comprehensively before making the decision.   Leverage all tools for determining the loan that is most suitable according to your requirements.


If in any case, you have any queries or suggestions, then let us know in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!!


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