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Never too early: 5 start-ups to fund with cheap personal loans as you study or work

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Most of us find ourselves short of two things: time and money. If you are studying or working, you can still earn through a start-up without neglecting your primary responsibilities.

Here are five ideas that require a small investment of time and money at the beginning, but have the potential for huge turnover in the long run. You could receive instant loan approval from most legal moneylenders in Singapore. Nevertheless, always be equipped with the hard facts before you take multiple loans in Singapore.

Go green

Look around and you will see that there is a green alternative to almost every product or service. Today’s hyper-consciousness of environmental issues means that virtually any business built around the green theme has an inherent advantage over its competitors.

Getting cheap personal loans in Singapore for green startup projects is arguably the easiest option of all. There are even specific grants and loans from government and private bodies specifically for businesses that are planet-friendly. You could get a credit loan in Singapore and even enjoy lower interest rates and better terms for a selfless, green business model.

Among the ideas that get the best responses from the public are those related to recycling, lower energy use, renewable resources, and alternatives to traditional consumer products.

Build passive Income

As the name suggests, passive income is revenue generated without real-time work. It is the key to using your money and knowledge as a source of income all day long, even when you are asleep.

For someone who is working or studying, that is the ideal way to make a little investment of time pay for itself in the long run. With a bit of intelligent planning, you can get a credit loan in Singapore and pay it off with passive income.

Monetised website management

Billions of people are surfing the internet at any given time and there is an audience for even the most specialised and obscure content. Websites can be set up to run clickable advertisements and links, with a proportion of revenue from subsequent sales going straight into your pocket.

The most crucial part is also the most difficult: producing exciting content that your audience wants to see and read. Creating and designing a site can be expensive, depending on how sophisticated and extensive you want it to be. Easy loans will give you the funds you need to hire professionals and launch your site within days.

Social media influencer

While websites generally put content ahead of individual content creators, the world of social media influencers is the opposite. The influencer is the product, the shining sun around which all the other elements revolve. While websites can take years to gain traction, some influencers gain millions of followers within months. The earning potential is almost limitless.

With instant loan approval, you can get all the equipment you need to establish your channel within days. Influencers will generally need a camera (or smartphone), hardware and software for editing content, and a reliable internet connection. More sophisticated setups can include lighting, décor, and professional content creation and editing staff.


3D Printing

From simple geometric shapes to working firearms to car parts, there is virtually no limit to what you can create with a 3D printer. It is almost like owning a factory to create whatever you – or your clients – please. There is a huge trove of free 3D plans that you simply have to feed into your printer and sit back as it does the rest.

3D printers don’t come cheap but there are many easy loans to help you establish yourself. You will also need special editing software if you want to create more advanced objects. Some very talented people use them to create 3D sculptures of people, and these pieces sell for thousands of dollars. A good 3D printing artist could start paying back an instant loan from the very first day.

Your own creativity

Digital art or traditional, painting or sculpture, photograph or music, the human passion and hunger for beauty is insatiable. It is a goldmine for anyone with the talent and ability to feed that passion. Do not be discouraged if you believe that you lack talent; the trend nowadays is to explore the ideas that drive the artist instead of simply the final product itself. Let your ideas out!

This is perhaps the easiest start-up idea of all because what if you enjoy it, it will hardly seem like work. That innate desire will be evident when you apply for an instant loan. Lenders are more likely to approve cheap personal loans when they believe you have the motivation to succeed.

There is no shortage of great start-up ideas, nor of cheap personal loans in Singapore to fund them. All you need to bring is your passion and you could start earning even as you study or work a full-time job.


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