Health is Wealth: 6 purchases that will pay for themselves in the long run

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Any elderly person will tell you that health is indeed wealth. The earlier in life you realise this, the more time you have to do something about it. Here are six purchases with invaluable long-term benefits. Taking personal loans to pay for them is not an expense but an investment in a long, healthy, and happy life.


The furniture we use every day affects our health.


The average person spends a third of his/her life sleeping. That adds up to more than 26 years, more than any other single activity. A bad night of sleep can affect your work performance, personal relationships, and overall well being.

The most common side-effects of a low-quality bed are back pain, sore muscles, joint damage, poor concentration, and a tendency to fall sick easily. You can avoid all these problems by investing in a bed that gives you the proper support.

Some of the best mattresses can be expensive but a small personal loan in Singapore will cover it.


After sleep, we spend most of our days sitting up at a work desk or home table. This is especially the case since 2020 when working from home became increasingly common. Our bodies change to the most comfortable position when we are asleep but at work, we are limited to sitting upright. This restrictive posture causes back pain, joint aches, and sore muscles. It also affects the quality of your work.

Save yourself from them with an ergonomic chair that gives you the right amount of support and comfort. Small personal loans let you buy a good chair now and pay back slowly as you earn.


Studies have shown that exercise is good for both physical and mental health.

Fitness equipment

Simple exercises like push-ups and sit-ups can always help but the right fitness equipment will make a real difference. Experts tell us that strength training can even extend your lifespan.

Choose a good set because it will last you for years and be safe to use. It should cover all the main muscle groups of the body. A complete gym set also gives you many exercise combinations that will keep you from getting bored and giving up within a few weeks. They range in price from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Personal loans can easily cover such large expenses.

Fitness classes

Getting fit is difficult if you try to do it all on your own. Being a part of a group can give you the added motivation to keep going till you reach your fitness goals. You can consider joining a class that you like or even a gym membership that lets you choose between many different classes. This will help you from getting bored.

Fitness classes don’t have to be too strenuous. Sometimes, something as simple and gentle as yoga or Pilates can be even more helpful. Always go for an option that is suited to your current physical condition – you can always change later.


You are what you eat so always try to put only the best food into your body.

Air fryer

If you have ever tried a diet only to give up because the food was too bland, an air fryer may be the answer. These amazing machines can help you cook delicious food without any of the added oil and cholesterol. They work by cooking through the food using currents of fast-moving air.

Air fryers were quite expensive a few years ago when they first hit the market. Now, they are much more affordable. You won’t even need a personal loan in Singapore to buy a relatively good brand.


No matter how well you plan your meals, you probably won’t be able to cover every single mineral and vitamin that the body needs every single day. This is where supplements come in. They give your body a dose of these essential substances with a simple pill.

Best of all, there are special supplements for people of all ages and sexes. They cater to any specific needs or medical conditions that you suffer from.

We often fail to recognise the value of something we have until we lose it. Don’t let that happen with your health. If you need a little financial assistance for a health-related purchase, a personal loan in Singapore is the quick and simple answer.


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