Offer up to 12 months installment plan!! Offer up to 12 months installment plan!! Offer up to 12 months installment plan!! Offer up to 12 months installment plan!! Offer up to 12 months installment plan!! Offer up to 12 months installment plan!!

Foreigner Loan

Ranked as the most open market in the world with silky smoothness in doing business. Evidenced by the 7th least corrupt country in the world reputation.

Singapore represents a near Utopia for anyone seeking to establish a business or just trying to make a living. This may perhaps explain why you are here. Perhaps chasing entrepreneurial dreams is not even why you are here and you have moved for some reason or the other, we know that there is one thing that you definitely will need and that is money. Given the back breaking bureaucracy of the banking system, the need for a friendly personal loan alternative thus emerged. Since banks only offer foreigner loan amounts of at least $10,000, our money lenders in Singapore for foreigners offer loan amounts from as low as $300 to $10,000. Yeah, we got you.

Our Cash Direct Pte Ltd agency’s licensed moneylender (Private Lender) is located in Vision Exchange, Jurong East in Singapore. And by that, we mean we were made to cater you every loan need regardless of whether they are business oriented or personal issues-oriented.


A Personal Loan In Singapore For Foreigners

We recognize that the factors that drive humans to seek extra financial support are not necessarily pleasant. Therefore, in a bid to help you get out of a difficult personal situation or to expand a growing business you have started here, we provide a personal loan for foreigners at unbeatable low-interest rates. We also carry a flexible repayment system that would totally suit you, guaranteeing you feel at home even if you are away from your home.

Here at Cash Direct Pte Ltd., we further lessen the strain of taking out a loan by ensuring that you do not have to worry about providing collateral or a deposit. With our committed, professional and friendly loan officers, we are ready to provide a personal loan for foreigners with ease. No wonder we have high approval rates here at Cash Direct Pte Ltd.

Eligibility Criteria for Foreigner Loan in Singapore

The eligibility criteria of our offered personal loan in Singapore for foreigners include:

  • Expatriates and foreigners holding Spass
  • Must have Epass to expatriates and foreigners
  • Have a copy of a work permit to both Expatriates and foreigners
  • Expatriates and foreigners must have a proof of employment in Singapore
  • Attach a tenancy agreement as expatriates and foreigners

Anchored on our belief that obtaining a loan should not constitute undue mental duress! That’s why we have set up a personal loan for foreigners. It allows you to avoid the bottleneck of providing a valuable asset as collateral with high repayment cash. Our various repayment plans include:


  • Weekly Loans: This plan basically allows you to take up a loan with Cash Direct Pte. Ltd. and then payback on a weekly instalment basis.


  • Bi-Weekly Loans: If you choose to opt for this plan, you have the payment flexibility of a biweekly instalment repayment system.


  • Payday Loans: Suppose you cannot afford to pay us back at the scheduled time plans stated above, we will provide another payment plan that lets you pay exactly one month after you take out the loan. It will give you ample time to sort your finances together.¬†


If the loan you are taking out is a business loan, we as licensed money lenders in Singapore for foreigners assist you. Without blowing our trumpet, we undoubtedly offer the best foreigner loan deal in Singapore. 


Cash Direct РSimple Loan Processing System 

We should add that obtaining a foreigner loan for a business is perhaps a more complicated affair in terms of payment and documents requirements. The difference in obtaining this load also extends into the processing time. And, we assure you that we are of optimum service to you. Depending on the loan amount you intend to take out, we provide a personal loan in Singapore for foreigners within 5-7 working days.

Get Quick Approval for Foreigner Loan

As a matter of formality, we require business owners to fill out a loan application in the loan office which is located at Vision Exchange, 2nd CBD area in Singapore. Please note that the loan amount and repayment method will be subject to approval. Upon approval, you will be duly notified of when to come pick up your loan sum.


To ease this process for you, here is a list of things we want you to get ready before you pay us a visit:


  • Your company‚Äôs BizFile
  • Your company‚Äôs bank statements over the last 6 months
  • A copy of the identity card (front and back) of all directors and shareholders
  • Financial report over the last 2 years
  • All directors and shareholders‚Äô notice of assessment
  • All directors and shareholders‚Äô CBS report (can be bought from
  • Staff CPF contribution statement (if any) from the latest month
  • Foreign levy statement (if any) from the latest month
  • Tenancy agreement

Here’s some additional information for you to have:


  • Please bring along all the relevant documents for your loan application.
  • Be prepared to fill out a loan form and answer a few clearance questions from our loan officer.
  • Based on your salary, our loan officer will determine your eligibility to take up a loan, your maximum loan amount and your repayment scheme (weekly, bi-weekly, etc.).
  • When all these check out, you will receive a loan contract and full loan cash right after.


We have an interest rate of 4%/month and details of the interest rate will be included in the contract. We as licensed money lenders in Singapore for foreigners explain in detail all information. And, of course, we value your time! You would be pleased to know that it only takes 20 minutes to fill out a loan application and then obtain a foreigner loan right after!

So relax, getting a personal loan in Singapore as a foreigner does not mean you should not have access to the very best in terms of loan financing. Contact us today and let us help you fulfil all your loan financing needs.